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Into the Wild: Autumn Vibes at Lake Maggiore


There are thousands of reasons why you should visit the lakes of Northern Italy. Crystalline water, stunning mountain landscapes and pure alpine air are only some of them. But adding to this picture autumn vibes, painting both woods and skies with yellow and deep purple palettes, will turn the trip into an absolutely unforgettable only-in-Italy and only-in-fall experience.

Traveling to Lake Maggiore, which waters in part belong to Switzerland, means to see the second largest lake of Italy. Only about 4 km (3 mi) wide, it measures about is 65 km (40 mi) in length. And, what most important, it is surrounded by a jaw-dropping nature.

Just to mention one, you will find there Val Grande National Park, Europe’s largest wildland and a UNESCO-protected environment almost uncontaminated by human activity. The highest peak of the park is the Monte Togano measuring 2.301 m above the sea level. And among its sights, besides, of course, endless natural landscapes, you can visit Candoglia Cave that for over six centuries has been providing with its unique white marble with pink shades Milan’s Cathedral.


Maria Novozhilova


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