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Mysterious “Tides” by Korean Noroo


Mysterious “Tides” by Korean Noroo

Stepping inside the space curated by Kwangho Lee x Wang & Söderström for Noroo you will end up emerged in a metaphysical ocean of lights, shapes and objects. Here, time, color and light become fluid just like waters of the sea. 

This is the first year that Noroo, the Korean company leader in the paint sector, participates in the Milanese Design Week. Hosted by the design capital for a very first time, Noroo presents “Tides”, the exhibition that takes inspiration from the layers of time, pulse and temporalities in the universe that we cannot easily feel or sense.

While Anny Wang and Tim Söderström (from Denmark) display an ethereal landscape dyed with dreamlike tints and their coral inspired sculptural vessels, Kwangho Lee (from Korea) showcases his 100 modular stools from the “The Moment of Eclipse” series.

Visiting the exhibition located in Ventura Centrale design district, you will “swim” in the air and then take a low tide walk, observing mysterious landscape, reflecting puddles and curious shapes.

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM