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Piazza Garibaldi in Naples by Dominique Perrault


Piazza Garibaldi in Naples by Dominique Perrault

Italy is famous with its piazzas and open air public spaces. However, this piazza is a really special one.

Only some months ago, a very unusual work of architecture has been completed in Naples. Redevelopment project known as Piazza Garibaldi is a new and a very peculiar pedestrian space in the heart of the city. Design by the French architect Dominique Perrault, this square looks like a forest made of oversized metal trees. Huge trunks grow right from the underground square located 8 meters below the street level, and provide a great shading solution against the fiery rays of the southern sun.

If you are planning to travel in Italy by train, you will hardly miss with engineered installation. Piazza Garibaldi is located just in front of the Napoli Centrale railway station. Such an inspiring beginning of your Napoli adventure!

Maria Novozhilova


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