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Reinassance in Ferrara

RENAISSANCE IN FERRARA: Ercole de’ Roberti and Lorenzo Costa

Palazzo dei Diamanti re-opens with a Ferrara artist-inspired exhibit: RENAISSANCE IN FERRARA: Ercole de’ Roberti and Lorenzo Costa.

Opening February 18th this exhibit gives visitors the first glimpse at the newly renovated Palazzo dei Diamanti with its newly preserved Renaissance-style implements and spaces. The exhibit gives the opportunity to experience art from two of the most renowned figures of the Italian Renaissance and their contemporaries.

Over one hundred works loaned from museums and collections all over the world contributed to this exhibit curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Michele Danieli. The exhibit gives attendees the opportunity to discover (or re-discover) these great Renaissance master painters. The exhibition also includes pieces from other Renaissance-era artists Andrea Mantegna, Nicolò dell’Arca, Francesco Francia, Guido Mazzoni, Antonio da Crevalcore, Boccaccio, and many others.

According to their website, Palazzo dei Diamanti is one of the most famous Renaissance buildings in the world. Designed by renowned Ferrara architect Biagio Rossetti, the palace construction began in 1492 and, after a rich history, was purchased by the Municipality in 1832. It houses exhibitions by Ferrara Arte, the Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art of Ferrara, and the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Ferrara which preserves a historical-artistic collection. It recently underwent a two-year renovation and restoration by renowned Italian architects from Labics Studio, creating new spaces and expanding the garden area.

Special guided tours, late-night openings, and multi-venue admission offerings are available. The exhibition was organized by the Ferrara Arte Foundation (director Pietro Di Natale) and the Art Museum Service of the Municipality of Ferrara, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the Ministry of Culture, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture. To customize your Italian Renaissance-inspired tour experience, contact our Travel Designers.

Jennie Olson Six
Cultural Italy Staff Writer


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