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The 1000 year old Castle of Dolceaqua


Have you ever dreamed of being a princess living in a castle? Well, I actually never had but visiting magic Dolceacqua changes my mind.

Everything looks charming in this town: thousand years old Doria Castle (named after the family that owned the fortress for centuries), cobble stone ramps, breathtaking views on the picturesque Nervia river and the valley. After crossing the humpback bridge and climbing a steep 60 m high rocky spur built-up throughout years as a labyrinth-like town with dusky and gloomy streets, you will finally reach the Castle of Dolceacqua, perhaps the best known defensive bastion of the region. Located at the strategic point on a high hill by a river, you can actually spot the Mediterranean sea from here as well as spectacular mountain landscape.

Elegant arches, two towers, bright colors, unbelievably old rocks and recently built metallic stairs that let you reach every single corner of the castle are absolutely not to miss if you are planning to explore the Liguria region of Italy. And if this is a part of the plan even to get married in such a unique and very special location, what can be more magic than wearing a white dress and host the ceremony of your life as a real princess?  

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM