Araceli Astredo

JUNE 2017

Hi Roby,

I just want to really thank you for such a well planned vacation to Italy. My children and I enjoyed every day we were there. You really listened to us when we told you what we were interested in. The accommodations were wonderful, a real touch of Italy. The staff at each place were so friendly and kind, not to mention helpful. Each destination just got better and better to visit and more picturesque, something that we see in books or movies. What an awesome experience. Ahhhh and the food! What an absolute treat to taste real Italian cuisine that we can’t find here in the states. Having private drivers was heavensent, they were always punctual and got us to our destination with time to spare. It was bittersweet to have to come home. At least we will have great pictures to go with our memories. It was especially nice for me to have this experience with my adult. children. Once again thank you so much for all details and attention you put into planning this once in a life time experience. My children and I appreciate it.


The Astredos