Genine Scelfo

Thank you so much for remembering! I had (and still have) all the best intentions of getting in touch with all the wonderful people that helped me plan my trip and those that I met in Italy…..but dratz…I got sucked backed into the work world immediately after my wonderful 6 weeks in Italy. My daughter and I very much enjoyed the spectacular opera of Nabucco. Thank you so much also for your seating suggestion at the Arena in Verona….our seats were PERFECT! We were close to the stage and the angle was just fine. ..The cement seats, of course, were cold and hard, so renting a cushion was a good investment. Your suggestion to arrive early was also a good one…it was worth the wait. Although, the production was long, with long set

changes, so we were quite tired afterwards. Thankfully, our apartment was only a few blocks away. Thanks so much for emailing me!!!! I love thinking about my trip again. I’m continuing my study of Italian and intend on returning to Italy. It would be wonderful to try to attend an opera in one

of the opera houses. Maybe La Scala????….or….we have family in Palermo…does Cultural Italy book operas or other theatre in Sicily? Elena, thank you again….I will certainly contact you when I make my next trip to Italy…..if I could afford an annual trip, I would…well, at least it is something to dream and hope for! Warm regards,

Genine Scelfo, USA