Patricia and Ted



Overall the trip was wonderful. Our seats were terrible on flight over. We were against a wall. Couldn’t put seats back and Ted didn’t have enough room to put his tray down. Flight back was fine. A lovely surprise when we got to Becher Hotel. They were wonderful to us. Room was nice and service was wonderful. We had a bottle of bubbly sent to us. Was that your idea or did the hotel do that?  In any case it was so nice.

Venice was my favorite but it was all so great. 

Last was Hotel Almafi.  It was also so nice.  Everyone there went out of their way for us. I am gluten free and they had quite a few things for breakfast. They actually fussed over me. 

Back with sore feet and just really tired but resting for a few days. Have to get pictures but…..our camera broke before we left. Took some on phone camera and found a disposable one. I am NOT good at taking pics but we will see. 

We loved our trip.  Our granddaughter is to go In April. She is in college but wants to take a break there. I will tell Abby (granddaughter) about you before she makes plans.


Thank you for all you did.


Patricia and Ted