Renee Vollerthum

I had a great vacation. My first time overseas. You were extremely helpful in getting our opera/Vatican tickets. The opera is one of my favorites. We all enjoyed it. The location (at a church) was unusual, especially seeing the performance at the altar. It was a wonderful experience. The Vatican guide was very knowledgable and interesting. I liked the use of headphones–I heard the complete explanation wherever I stood. We had also considered a 3-hour tour but decided to go with your 2-hour tour. After hearing the Vatican has 50,000 items and after 1.45 hours, my mind was totally overwhelmed. If I ever go back, I want to spend more time in the Vatican & St. Peter’s Basilica. My trip’s highlights: train trip to Florence (3 days), day trip to 2 medieval towns, and ancient Rome. The food and wine was excellent. My 2 favorite meals: a restaurant in Florence (we just stumbled across it–we were the last to leave) and a cafe 1 block from the Vatican main road. Although I did not speak any Italian, I was really surprised about how much English is spoken. Thanks for asking–It brought back wonderful memories of my trip. Take care,

Renee Vollerthum, USA