Santiago and Omayra’s Wonderful Trip

October 2023

Well, it’s been one of the greatest travel experiences that I’ve had. This was my third time in Italy but the first one of this KIND. I want to thank Manuela and your staff for this excellent travel experience and for letting me know and learn about Italy from another perspective. All the logistics were excellent despite being a little bit afraid when I thought there was no reservation made in Naples, and gave me a headache sorry for that. My biggest fear was missing one of the trains since we are not used to that but you made things very easygoing, well-explained, and well illustrated for us.  All the transfers made by the drivers were excellent Como, the Hotel very central and accessible by walking distance to many places, Bellagio water boat transfer w/o problems. Milan is an amazing city, Victor our guide from the Walking Tour of Milan did an excellent job. Fluid Spanish-speaking a lot of knowledge of history accessible to question and is very passionate about his job, especially at The Last Super of Leonardo and Milan Cathedral.  Venice is another experience. Starting with the gentlemen who pick up us at the train station. Very polite and Spanish-spoken. Annalisa Gambaro our tour guide. Very nice lady. She explained and taught us the basic history of Venice with full knowledge and patience to enjoy the time, The Hotel was excellent. The lady who was looking for us at the Hotel Palace Hotel, I think her name was Georgina VTC transfer company, we want to thank her. She helped us with the luggage since the tide increased and the boat couldn’t arrive at the hotel, we had to walk to the central canal for a few minutes to take the boat. But when we arrived at the train station. she waited with us on the train and even helped us inside the train. Not everybody does that, so that was something very kind of her and more so when you know that we are not experienced train passengers.  Florence’s experience was wonderful.  Alessandra Mazzanti was very friendly. She dedicated her time to explaining everything we need, especially at the Academia where Michael Angelo’s David is. There is another special person for us. Leonardo, driver of Tuscan Travelers. This gentleman despite not being a guide did his best to explain to us everything he knew during the trip. He gave us time and space to walk alone w/o being in a hurry. He even pleased us taking us to to a place in Florence where there was an excellent view from the city. We share valuable time with. Did his best to speak Spanish. We highly recommend for the future this guy as a driver.  Naples driver Renato is a very funny but pleasant man. He recommended a restaurant for  December 31 and even made use of a phone call for a reservation very kind of him for that. Sorento and Amalfi Coast, again, a new perspective of Italy, excellent. Pompei’s guide is very good straightforward forward to the point explaining everything, recommended. Last but not least, Rome. Excellent hotel location. short distance walking to many places. The guided tour by City Wonder was very nice, especially at the Coliseum. Despite being an English-speaking tour the guide did an excellent job also and like the others he was very passionate and had a deep knowledge of history.

In conclusion, I was a little cautious and had some kind of fear while doing this because I haven’t done any travel basically by internet or email but I have to tell you we appreciate the job done by you and your staff. We recommended Cultural Italy as a company and as a TOP ITALY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. We look forward to a have in the future another experience of traveling with you.

Santiago and Omayra

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