The Venice Carnival 2020

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The Venice Carnival: January 30- February 16

Venice is a magical city, and at no time is this more true than during the two weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, when the historical city celebrates the Carnival of Venice, a tradition first recorded over 700 years ago. Ordinary Venice is exciting, but Venice during the Carnival is spellbinding, with a historically rich mixture of performance and dining, and, of course the magnificent costumes, including the extravagant masks for which Venice is so famous. If you have never had a romantic encounter in Venice, perhaps you will have an opportunity to learn why countless generations of impassioned lovers have exclaimed that romance in Venice is the best romance there is.

Imagine, for the entire Carnival the streets are filled with celebrants dressed in luxurious, festive garb; experiencing Venice during the Carnival is like stepping back in time, with no modern buildings to spoil the illusion. One can wander the streets, taking in the costumes and street performances, or attend an evening party, an opera or concert, in one of the palaces or hotels accustomed to hosting royalty. All of an evening you might experience walking up the stairs of a candlelit palace, expecting Casanova to make his advances; enjoying cocktails over the glimmering Grand Canal, abandoning your senses to pleasure; all while revealing your true identity only to carefully chosen intimates. After all this extravagance perhaps your night is completed by a mysterious, romantic, moonlight tryst, leaving you entranced and breathless, ready to meet the whole experience again the following day.


"The Ball of Dreams"
2021 February 6
Palazzo Ca' Zenobio

"Carnival in Love Grand Ball - Le Miroir Magique"

2021 February 13

Palazzo Ca' Zenobio