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7 Inspiring Objects From Statale That You Will Want To Play With Just Like a Child


7 inspiring objects from Statale that you will want to play with just like a child

Milan Design week is a playground. Perhaps the best playground ever. Here are the 7 best playful objects from Statale that even a child can enjoy during the Milano Furniture Fair week.


1.       Would you believe that there is a seat that can change its color due to the change of temperature and your emotions? Yes, there is! “Embrace” by Giampaolo Galenda e Lorenzo Palmeri is cozy soft object made of Secret Mash color-changing fabric. (pics: 01, 02)

2.       Bouncy “Tanghulu” pouf by Nicola Brembilla is covered with a 3D extremely elastic color changing fabric. This design is inspired by one of the most iconic spots in Taiwanese culture: the night market, the temple of street food, of colors, the scents, sounds and flavors. (pics: 03, 04)

3.       Fresh “Italian Landscape” is not simply a relaxing soft and shaded space made of Komodo EcoWall modules by Nardi molded with regenerated plastic. It is also a space where you can self-produce energy and recharge your smartphone for free (pic 5)

4.       A very unusual object “Touch feel, discover me” by Andrea Bonessa is made of antibacterial fabric treated with cinnamon and almonds.  This screen creates a perfect place for a unconventional dialogue: play with senses and feel each other through a soft veil (pic 06, 07, 08)

5.       This year at Statale we spotted even a real swing. Well, almost. Embracing “Cocoon” by Nicola Brembilla is made of Jacqurd fabric high-tensile strength, and offers you a womb-like protected space. (pic 9)

6.       “The perfect time” by Ico Migliore, M+S Lab and Whirpool is an installation that takes form of an intelligent organism. A cubical volume offers visitors a multisensory experience. (pic 10, 11)

7.       Perhaps these two life size giraffes are in love but they don’t know it. With hearts distant from their heads they experience love without worries. In meanwhile these funny 4 m tall “Giraffes in love” by Marcantonio for Queeboo  support a class chandelier in the Maria Theresa style. (pic 12)

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM