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Behind the Scenes: Shooting Wonder Woman in Italy


When it comes to movies, some places seem too beautiful and spectacular to be real. Italy has long been the location for many blockbuster movies such as Quantam of Solace and this year’s Wonder Woman. From the beaches at Villa Cimbrone to the Castel Del Monte, these spectacular sites made these fictional locations a gorgeous reality.

Italy’s natural beauty and historical architecture created Themyscira, the fictional island nation of Amazons Wonder Woman’s homeworld. Villa Cimbrone on Italy’s Amalfi Coast became the courtyards of Themyscira. With history dating back to the 11th century, Villa Cimbrone’s famed Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (Terrace of Infinity) helped sculpt Wonder Woman’s visual feast.  Various beaches contributed to the rich imagery of both life on the Island paradise and glorious battle scenes.

The visual landscape of Thermyscira’s busy streets and in which Amazonian’s roamed came from Matera in Basilicata. With its small cave dwellings and ancient walls, Matera’s architecture served well to create the Amazonian’s city life.  But the moment Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman, stealing the sword “The God Killer” and joining the battle, the 13th century Citadel Castel Del Monte’s courtyards served as a mighty fortress. The unique Castle in the Apulia region has no moats or drawbridges and is one of the more fascinating castles built by Frederick II.

You can check out some of the shots on IMDB here:

And bring your sword and lasso to recreate your own Wonder Woman shots on your next trip!

Jennie Olson Six
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