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Best of Expo 2015: JUMP! At the Brazilian Pavillion


No heels! And better no mini-skirts! Be sporty and casual. Only this way you can best enjoy one of the Milan Expo’s top experiences: the Brazilian Pavilion.

Conceived as light and open structure that supports nothing else but a huge trampoline net, the Brazilian Pavilion welcomes everybody into its unique playground. Such a chance in fact to become a joyful and carefree child and to forget (at least for a moment) to be a grown-up.

Jump, jump, jump! and then walk through this springy, stretchy and elastic space, and keep your balance if you can. Have fun! Take pictures and do some selfies. Enjoy! Cause this is a true one-of-a kind experience that you can live at Expo!

Seriously speaking, however, Brazilian Pavilion is a great public space and social hub envisioned by Studio Arthur Casas and Atelier Marko Brajovic, and created with the support of the local Italian Office Mosae. Flexible and smooth this unusual suspended public square is a great example of sustainable architecture too. Made with prefabricated modules it is easy to construct and deconstruct. Water reuse mechanisms are on duty here. And, what is the most important, this project proves that such an ephemeral architecture built with very few elements and employing very few resources can provide a meaningful and memorable experience.

Indeed! Many claim that this game-like organic landscapes of Brazil have conquered their hearts as well as their Instagram feeds!

Maria Novozhilova

twitter: @NovozhilovaM