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Best of Expo 2015: Red Vanke Dragon Pavilion

Best of Expo 2015: Red Vanke Dragon Pavilion

Vanke shiny red pavilion resembling a dragon skin definitely does not pass unnoticed among Expo architectures. Designed by the Polish-American star-architect Daniel Libeskind, this pavilion is perhaps the brightest spot within the whole Expo 2015 design experience.

Its sinuous and dynamic form, evocative geometric snake-ish pattern and 12-meters high façade that sparks with infinite shades of red are not the only laudable characteristics of the pavilion. Glossy, fluid and geometric, it is covered with 4000 fired 3-dimentional tiles that have a very special characteristics. This metalized cladding is self-cleaning and air-purifying know-how developed by the New York based architect in collaboration with the Italian ceramic company Casalgrande Padana. Such unexpected sustainable properties for such a fashionable and striking pavilion!

Yes, this architecture seems to have it all: great design, unusual shape, world famous signature and a sustainable message. Fairly a surprising combination especially for a company entry.

Indeed, Vanke is not a national but a corporate Expo participant representing one

of the largest real estate companies of China. Nevertheless it is a private player showcasing rather a small 800 sq. meters structure, it however can totally compete (bravely and boldly!) with dozens of great national pavilions at the World Expo in Milan. And not simply to compete, but also to win the world’s recognition worthily entering the list of the top-10 best designs of the Milanese Universal Exposition.

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM