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Best of Expo 2015: technologic wheat fields of China

This year each of us has a unique opportunity to visit the whole world visiting one single city. Yes, Expo 2015 in Milan is a chance to enjoy not only authentic Italian experience but also to discover the best and

the most innovative achievements of the rest of the Planet.

What is more, luckily for us, Milan’s Universal Exhibition focuses on the two topics, that every single visitors will simply adore: food and architecture.

These two leitmotif themes are just great and, fortunately, more than coherent with the hosting country. Who if not Italy is the number-one in the universe of flavors and tastes? Who is an absolute leader in the world of building and creative design? Thus, high local standards make the Expo pavilions even more innovative and the national restaurant even more delicious! So how can we miss this world’s best experience of this year?

Indeed, endless number of Expo pavilions offer unforgettable journey. But how to choose what too see first? After all, 1500 meters long Decumano avenue is an entire city to explore.

One of the Expo top-pavilion that Cultural Italy would like to share with you today is China. 

Chinese participation at Expo Milan definitely cannot pass unnoticed. Its national pavilion is just as big as the country itself. In fact with its 5000 sq.meters it is the second largest pavilion of the show (after Germany). And it looks stunning from both outside and inside.

The exterior of the pavilion features a unique wavy silhouette resembling billowing wheat fields. Elegant and dynamic this undulating roof is a timber structure coated with bamboo slats.

Inside, instead, one can find another wheat field: more technologic this time. It is a striking large-format multimedia installation made of countless LED tubes that mimic growing plants. A play of colors that constantly fade from green to yellow, pink, violet and blue visually simulate a heaving meadow.

Great Chinese pavilion and its amazing interior installation, designed by Tsinghua University and New York-based Studio Link-Arc, are entitled as “The Land of Hope” and can be best seen from the interior promenade that culminates in a panoramic viewing deck.

So don’t miss the Chinese participation at Expo 2015. While being perfectly in line with the Expo’s theme of food and sustainable development it is a stunning experience of strolling through a futuristic LED stalks.

Maria Novozhilova

twitter: @NovozhilovaM