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Celebrations For Leonardo: 500 Year Anniversary Celebrates Da Vinci’s Life


Celebrations for Leonardo: 500 Year Anniversary celebrates Da Vinci’s Life

Genius. The definition is the embodiment for Leonardo Da Vinci. Celebrated artist, inventor and thinker, this year marks the 500th anniversary of his death, with celebrations and events around the world.  Across his home country are celebrations and events giving a glimpse into Da Vinci’s brilliance.  With so many events to choose from, here is a sampling, starting in his home town: 


Leonardo Da Vinci: At the origin of the genius Museum Leonardiano April 15th: In collaboration with the Uffizi gallery and Florence Archives, the exhibition revolves around Leonardo da Vinci’s early life , showcasing his earliest known work. The Museaum Leonardiano also houses the largest collection of his works and recreations of his Machines. Opportunities for children to become ‘genius’s for the day in a workshop designed to experience Leonardo’s life and work. 

In the Steps of a Genius: Throughout 2019, Vinci is offering a variety of tours designed to give visitors the chance to see the inspirations and the pathways of DaVinci. There are tours visiting his birthplace, the landscapes that inspired him and even one based on his mother’s life.

Leonardo Drawn by Hollar at Fondazione Pedretti, May 5: This exhibit features the original 31 engravings of Leonardo’s work by the artist Wenceslaus Hollar in the 17th century. A chance to look at a few of the works they were inspired by, and an artist’s inspirational interpretation.

La Fisarmonica Di Leonardo at Piazza Guido Masi, July 15: A concert treat with an opportunity to hear DaVinci’s musical instrument the viola organista, reconstructed the Friuli violin maker Mario Buonoconto, featuring Aleksander Ipavec (Leonardo’s accordion) and Paola Chiabudini (harpsichord).

Happy Birthday Leonardo April 28: Festivals across Vinci street artists, crafts, and much more.



Leonardo da Vinci and Florence: Selected Pages from the Codex Atlanticus at Palazzo Vecchio March 29 – June 24:  A chance to see parts of the folios ranging in date from the 1470s to Leonardo’s death in 1519, exploring the important role that Florence played in Da Vinci’s life. 

Leonardo and His Books at Museo Galileo June 6 – September 22: A ‘lost’ library is recreated to explore this lesser known aspect of DaVinci, with multimedia experiences to ‘leaf’ through his writings.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Perpetual Motion at Museo Galileo October 10 – January 12, 2020: Virtual models of his creations offer a glimpse into his thinking and design.


Leonardo Da Vinci Parade: Unusual Works of Art and Science Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Through October 18th: A glimpse into his lesser seen models of military and civil architecture are featured along with frescos of the period. 

Leonardo’s Last Supper for Francis: A Masterpiece in Silk and Silver at Palazzo Reale, October 7th -November 17: The first opportunity to see the tapestry copy of Leonardo’s Last Supper after its restoration. 

Leonardo and Warhol in Milan: The Genius Experience at Crypt of San Sepolcro until June 30:  Inside the oldest underground church in Milan is an immersive experience with original works seeing some of the last contributions Andy Warhol made inspired by Da Vinci.

Leonardo’s Horse, starting in April: As part of Milan Design Week, Artists were invited to recreate Leonardo’s famous horse sculpture. Their versions will be displayed starting in April, inviting participants with an app to frame the horses in various parts of the city. 

Leonardo’s Milan:  A Virtual Museum Sforza Castle, May 2 – January 12 2020: A virtual experience following the places and stories during the golden period of Leonardo. 


Leonardo DaVinci – Drawing the Future at Biblioteca Reale – Royal Library, April 16 – July 14: An exhibition of over 50 works exploring the connection Da Vinci established between science and art. Featuring a number of drawings including The Battle of Anghiari, the horses for Sforza and Trivulzio, the study for the angel of the Vergine delle Rocce and the famous The Portrait as an Old Man.

Leonardo’s Botany at Palazzo Madama, May 25 – June 29th: In the garden, botanist Valeria Fossa will guide the plants and flowers of medieval times, exploring DaVinci’s various hypotheses from Treatise on Painting. 

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Jennie Olson Six
Staff Writer Cultural Italy