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“Copper stories” in La Triennale di Milano

Sep 16th – November 9th 2014

What do you know about copper?

Although each of us has an idea about this golden-looking material, probably no one can actually realize the real importance and the whole multiplicity of its uses. Art, design, architecture, industry and technology: all largely employ the copper. Its unique properties make this material simply irreplaceable. It is resistant. Yet it is ductile and malleable too. Thus while diligently serving for technical purposes in some engineering works, it can easily change the form under the master hand of an artist.

To reflect on the copper’s large number of qualities and the variety of its applications La Triennale di Milano museum has opened an exhibition titled “TRame”, or “Copper Stories” (in Italian language T stands for the initial character of “trame” – story in English, while “rame” is copper).
Here on display, well known pieces of our every-day life produced in an “infinite” series stay next to technologic devices, architectural models and unique one-of-a-kind design prototypes.

“Anechoic Wall” (2010) by Laurent Grasso, an artistic play of light reflecting on the bent copper sheets, belongs to the universe of art, while numerous architectural models narrate the pliability, lightness and translucency of copper in building design. “Sarphatistraat offices” (2000) by American architect Steven Holl is probably one of the most suggestive example in this respect.

The copper sofa “How high the moon” (1986) by the Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata explores soft shapes made by hard materials in furniture design. The Macintosh Classic Computer (1991) and many other devices hide their indispensable copper components reveling in this way the irreparability of cooper in the world of technology. Many other anonymous objects of common use and exclusive items borrowed from private collections accompany the whole exhibition “story”. In total hundreds of international artists and their copper works to discover.

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