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Corporate Incentive Travel: 5 Reasons Why Italy is a Perfect Destination. 

When it comes to employee motivation, companies that choose an incentive program can really influence productivity and culture. As reported in Inc. Magazine incentives can range in cash and rewards, but helping employees take the time off “gives them a well-needed rest, but signals to the rest of your team that it’s OK to take the time they’ve earned and can help create a happier, more productive culture.”  But if a cheap trip to Hawaii is something other companies offer what can attract top talent is a unique, cultivated holiday in an inspiring destination. Here are 5 reasons to choose Italy as a destination for your incentive program:

Italy Wants Visitors

A large portion of Italy’s economy is based on Tourism and Service. Buy Local isn’t a slogan, it’s a way of life. They want visitors to come, buy their goods, experience their culture, and return again.

Italy Inspires Innovation

Architects, City Planners, or those in the Tech Industry may want to visit the sustainably designed Porta Nuova the high-tech and international district in Milan. Agricultural destinations abound. Some of the world’s top hair color lines come from Italy. Chefs can take a week-long course at top schools. No matter what industry there’s an inspiration in Italy.

Italy is The Perfect Destination for Adventure and Leisure

With over 55 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy has much to offer. Cycling through the Dolomites, visiting the lost city of Pompeii, hiking the live volcano of Mt. Etna, there are so many adventures to be had. There are multiple wellness and relaxation destinations, often with naturally occurring hot springs. Italy is known for its world-class opera. It was the birthplace of the Renaissance; art is everywhere. See The Last Supper, watch a Grand Prix race, partake in a Wine Festival, visit the Pope, kiteboard on Lake Garda; whatever the desire there is something for everyone.

The Culture

Italians really know how to live. Italians live in cities surrounded by beautiful historical sites and art, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches and eat some of the best food in the world. This is their way of life. Their quality of life is higher, they expect great food, entertainment, and quality goods. Submersing the top talent into a culture that values quality workmanship and embraces La Dolce Vita the sweet life is priceless in both experiences and return on investment. They will want to bring that back to their lives.

If you are ready to cultivate a holiday travel incentive for your company in Italy, please reach out to our Travel Designers. We are happy to come up with a unique offering based on your companies goals and needs.

Jennie Olson Six
Cultural Italy Staff Writer

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