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Discover the Magic of Sicily Through Leigh Esposito’s “The Godmother”

Unveil the Mysteries of Sicily

Have you ever dreamed of wandering through the ancient streets of Sicily tasting its exotic flavors and diving deep into its rich history? What if we told you that you could embark on this captivating journey right from your reading nook while we plan your next Italian adventure? Leigh Esposito’s debut novel, “The Godmother,” offers just that—a captivating escape to the heart of Sicily.

Who is “The Godmother”?

Raffaella (Raffi) Truvarizzi, the enigmatic protagonist, is a woman of power and influence. Presumed to be a descendant of a notorious Sicilian mafioso, Raffi has built an empire that allows her to help any woman who comes to her door. From telenovela actresses to jazz musicians, her reach is as diverse as the women she champions.

A Journey Through Sicilian Culture

Esposito, who is also of Sicilian descent, takes us on an eclectic ride through the worlds of Sicilian legends, Mafia lore, jazz, telenovelas, tarot, and witchcraft. The book is a treasure trove for anyone fascinated by Italian culture, offering a deep dive into the traditions and mysteries that make Sicily so enchanting.

Sicily is Waiting for You

The vivid descriptions and intricate details will make you feel like you’re walking through the ancient streets, tasting the local cuisine, and experiencing the island’s mystical aura. By the time you turn the last page, you’ll be itching to explore Sicily in person, perhaps even retracing the steps of the characters you’ve grown to love.

Your Perfect Trip

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, “The Godmother” will inspire you to consider Sicily as your next travel destination. The book’s themes of identity, inheritance, and the bonds between women resonate universally, making it a compelling read for everyone.

Where to Get Your Copy

“The Godmother” is available in original trade paperback format, priced at $17.95. Published by Selvatica Books, it’s a must-read for anyone yearning for a Sicilian adventure.

The Godmother 
By Leigh Esposito 
Selvatica Books 
ISBN: 9798987561355 
Publication Date: May 16, 2023 
Original Trade Paperback