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Florence From the Top


Florence From the Top

One might say that the idea to build panoramic decks on the top of new skyscrapers is a new trend of modern architecture counting in a best case scenario only one hundred years. Still, by traveling to Italy, we might easily discover that local Florence visionaries realized this kind of viewing points half a millennium ago.

Climbing the ancient steps of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (1296-1471) and Giotto’s Bell (1298-1359, both facing the stunning Piazza del Duomo di Firenze, is already a unique experience. While ascending to the top of these two incredible buildings, you will encounter suggestive corridors and narrow and dark passages. You will almost be able to touch famous frescoes of the Cathedral Dome and admire exquisite gothic details of the Giotto’s Bell. But once on the top, you will understand that everything was just a proem before the finest part of your journey.

Standing on the very top of Duomo di Firenze or of the near Giotto’s Campanile, somewhere in the middle of clouds, and feeling the fresh breeze and Summer sun on your smiling faces, you will see the very best of this city. You will admire silhouettes of numerous churches and luxury medieval palaces, the unique ensemble of Piazza della Signoria including Palazzo Vecchio hosting nowadays the town hall of Florence, and somewhere in the far the smooth and green hills of Tuscany, alluring with their myths of divine wines and dolce vita.

Maria Novozhilova


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