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Hallucinogenic Night at the Museum: A Perfect Date in Milan


Hallucinogenic Night at the Museum: A Perfect Date in Milan

Night at the museum? Why not? If you are really ready for such a unique experience of passing an entire night at a museum all by yourself, do it in Milan. The Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Foundation,  famous for its contemporary art and design events, offers a very particular experience of spending the whole night in an exhibition hall packed with lighting installations by Carsten Höller.

It was in fact the artist’s idea to open his show focusing on the nature of human experience for strangers (only two a night) and providing an opportunity to see it under a different light and from an alternative perspective.
How? Trying to sleep on a single bed that slowly and randomly rolls throughout the whole exhibition space with a sequence of numerous flashing lights, dazzling illuminations, dark tunnels, moving amanita mushrooms, thundering Congo rhythms, optical illusions and other sensory experiments. In total, over twenty large scale works of art to explore in supine position that will transport you into a fantasy dimension.

The German artist promises that 5 minutes after one will lay down on the bed, his whole “Doubt” exhibition will be cut off and will go dark and silent. But is it so? I have a doubt. To make things even more intriguing, Höller designed a special toothpaste that will drug you with some light. Apparently a legal chemical magic helping you feel  stronger and better remember your cultural overnight stay.

The morning after, you will wake up where your unpredictable electronic bed takes you. Guards will finally unlock the doors letting you out toward freedom, the real world and a yummy breakfast included into the package. 500 euro for two or 250 eur if you are Hangar Bicocca’s members. Seems like a fair price for something that promises to be the most exciting date you won’t ever forget.

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