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Kissing in Milan: be the Lovers in Your Own Story


An Italian song of over 50 years ago recounted of how strange it felt to be in love in Milan, a city “with no flowers or sky, where you go on a date in a shopping mall”. But Milan, as we know, is now so much more; not just the most livable city in Italy, but the epicenter of fashion, finance, design, nightlife. And yes, it can be full of romance too. So, on this February 14th, and throuout the year, let it be the scenario for you and your Valentine.

A professional photographer and a true Milanese will guide you through the hidden corners of the city. Its secret courtyards and walkways will be the perfect background for romantic photos.
After meeting you inside the Pinacoteca in Brera, which hosts the famous ‘Il Bacio’ (The Kiss), your photographer will turn you and your partner into the lovers portrayed by Francesco Hayez, and will immortalize the scene of you reenacting the famous kiss .

The images of this photo shooting will be emailed to you in a short time. In the meantime, you will be invited to share a dessert in one of the most renowned patisseries of the city.

And do you have some extra time?  I suggest you explore some more lovely corners of this elegant city.  Why not take an early evening walk along the Navigli, Milan’s canals.  Strolling along the main canal-side promenade is beautiful, however it would be a shame not to venture into the back way alleys. I’m sure you will end in Vicolo dei Lavandai, a picturesque little spot where the Milanese use to scrub and rinse clothes. It’s sweet to get lost a little around these twisting, quiet lanes.

Or how about ending your day on a relaxing note at one of the many spas around the city? I suggest Armani’s exclusive spa.  How about treating yourself to a couple’s Thai or a hot stone massage?  Finally, end this perfect day with a sumptuous dinner. Milan boasts some of the best restaurants and local trattorias, and it is well known, that food tastes better when shared with someone you love.

Buon Appetito and Buon San Valentino!

Nicoletta Lucia Paganucci
Cultural Italy Staff Writer