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La Primavera del Prosecco

March 15th to June 8th 2014.

With the arrival of spring, the villages surrounding the city of Treviso in Veneto are bustling with many events, starting with the famous Primavera Del Prosecco, which will take place throughout springtime, from March 15th to June 8th.  Every year, enology, gastronomy, art, culture and sports meet on the hills of the Altamarca region and create a path of stories and traditions outlined by 17 wine exhibitions. In addition to the tasting of the most renowned “house wine” – the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore – visitors will be able to appreciate wines from a more niche market as well, like the Cartizze Doc, the Passito Doc Refrontolo, and the Colli di Conegliano Doc.

The Primavera Del Prosecco will also host major initiatives involving the whole region and attracting foreign tourists as well, such as the Treviso Marathon – also called La Prosecchissima – along with more local and arts oriented events, like the sculpting competition ‘VignArte’. The ‘Rive Vive’ (live shores) hike, with endless off the beaten track walks along trails that get lost among the vineyards, brings visitors in close contact with the surrounding territory and with nature.

The thousands of tourists who annually meet here are the true testimonial of the success of this initiative, which over the years has grown so popular to create special holiday packages catering to families, groups of friends or couples. You can enjoy a wellness vacation in one of the many ‘Relais’, or for the nature lovers out there, there are many Agriturismos offering horse back rides and bike tours. If you are into art, of course you won’t be disappointed: ancient monasteries, churches and old castles quietly hide, ready to be found and explored. Children will get easily entertained too; take them to the Livelet archaeology park or to the “city of fables” in Sarmede for an entertaining and educational trip.

The Primavera Del Prosecco is like a interesting book, full of history, people and places, dormant scents and tastes, that awaken every spring, and are there for you to be discovered.

Nicoletta Lucia Paganucci