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Lorenzo Lotto: A Timeless Journey Through Italian Art

Lorenzo Lotto: A Timeless Journey Through Italian Art

As we traverse the vibrant landscapes of Italy, we find ourselves amidst a unique opportunity to rediscover the grandeur of Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto. Notably, this journey requires no special occasion, for Lotto’s work transcends time and continues to captivate art enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Currently, several of Lotto’s masterpieces are gracing various Italian museums. The Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is showcasing the “Portrait of Laura da Pola” (1543), on loan from the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples. This painting, featuring Laura da Pola in an exquisitely embroidered dress holding a white feather fan, creates a thematic bridge to the 19th-century work of Domenico Morelli. Both paintings, displayed side by side until April 1st, 2024, offer a fascinating glimpse into the elegance of their eras.

In the San Francesco Complex in Cuneo, visitors can marvel at seven paintings from the Santa Casa di Loreto, where Lotto became an oblate in 1554. This exhibition includes the meticulously restored “St. Michael Expelling Lucifer,” alongside two frescoes by Pellegrino Tibaldi, available for viewing until March 17th 2024.

The journey continues in Brescia at the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo. Here, the exhibition “Lotto. Imagined Encounters” (part of the Italian Capital of Culture 2023 program) presents a dialogue between Lotto’s works and those of Moretto, Romanino, and Savoldo. A highlight is the monumental altarpiece “St. Christopher Among Saints Roch and Sebastian,” where St. Roch’s face intriguingly resembles a self-portrait of Lotto. Additionally, the touching “Nativity” scene, where Mary bathes the Baby Jesus, on loan from the Pinacoteca of Siena, is a must-see until April 7th, 2024.

These exhibitions not only offer a deep dive into the artistic world of Lorenzo Lotto but also provide an enriching cultural experience across the Italian landscape. So, if your travels take you through Milan, Cuneo, or Brescia, don’t miss the chance to experience the legacy of Lorenzo Lotto, a painter whose works continue to resonate through the ages.



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