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Milano Cortina Welcomes The Winter Olympic Games

With the closing ceremonies in Beijing complete, all eyes turn towards the future and the next chance to celebrate the Olympic winter spectacle. Milano Cortina welcomes the Winter Olympic Games in 2026 and Italy is already setting a bold agenda in the planning of these games. Milano Cortina is ready to take its’ place among the world’s great hubs for excellence as a winter sports destination and is excited for the opportunity to showcase both its’ sporting infrastructure and natural scenic beauty.

These Olympics are also viewed as an opportunity for Milano Cortina to expand and accelerate its own sustainability plans. Made in Italy is a term that has become synonymous with quality the world over. These games will be a spotlight on how the made in Italy concept applies to hosting a global event of this magnitude. By adopting a sustainability model for these Olympics, Milano Cortina can serve as a lasting example to future host cities. Enhancing existing beauty and protecting the future with strong, environmentally sound thinking will be a vast improvement compared to the massive construction and waste sometimes associated with Olympic hosting.

Italy has always been a choice destination to enjoy winter sports. It is a country with a rich and storied history of excellence in Alpine events, with some of the greatest champions calling Italy home. The 2026 games in Milano Cortina is an event not to be missed, in a country that specializes in the unforgettable 🙂

Richard Benites

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