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Morbegno: Eat, Drink, Climb!


If you want to go to see an old Italy, go to Morbegno. Morbegno is a small town hidden somewhere in Valtellina Valley between Lake Como and snowy Alps. Fresh air, amazing panorama, picturesque narrow streets and unique local delicacies will surprise you! However, there is much more to do than just classic sight-seeing.

Morbegno is an ancient and quite compact town with numerous evocative architectural spots: lovely streetscape and amazing buildings covered with frescoes and classic decorations. Forged metal details, cozy public piazzas and unbelievable shops’ and restaurants’ signboards from another centuries embellish the city. 

Probably the greatest experience for anybody coming to Morbegno are the local wineries, all hidden within age-old stone walls. To celebrate this heritage, the city organizes every year the so-called “Morbegno in Cantina” event when anybody can enjoy and discover the wine legacy of the region. Morbegno is a good destination for any of us though! 

However, besides being on a to-do list of many locals and foreigners it is also a very good strategic spot for lovers of active sports and mountain adventures. It is, in fact, the ideal starting point for excursions toward Val Masino famous for climbing and Val Gerola that offers nice ski slopes attended especially by snowboard enthusiasts.

When both the city and its surrounding mountain peaks are explored, don’t forget to dive into local gastronomic experience. I bet it you’ll be surprised reading completely new and unknown dish descriptions. The local yummy cuisine has nothing to do with habitual Italian courses. It is all unique. Just to name some, you should try pizzoccheri, sciat with chicory and polenta taragna. But no more words. It’s better you discover it by yourself!   

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Maria Novozhilova

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