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Pantheon: 2000 years of history


The Pantheon in Rome is one of the most famous monuments of the city and perhaps the most enigmatic building of the whole Italy. This splendid church dedicated “to all the gods” was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD) and was finally completed in 128 AD by the emperor Hadrian. This makes this amazing construction one of the oldest examples of architecture we have on our planet today. Built about two thousand years ago, it is still there!

What is more, this edifice is among the best-preserved ancient buildings of Rome testifying to the glorious past of the Italian peninsula. Unbelievable! Once there one can actually touch the original 2 thousand years old Pantheon with his own hands and feel the positive energy emanated by the ancient stones that have outlived the Roman Empire, great geniuses of the Italian Renaissance, and the intimidating bombes of the second world war. Magically nothing has ever happened to this creation.

Pantheon is really amazing. However, it is not only its age to make it famous. From artistic and engineering points of view, it is a true masterpiece too. The main two features of the Pantheon that made it a worldwide best-known example of architecture and the symbol of Italy are its perfect shape and the oculus, a circular opening in the center of the dome. In fact, the whole structure is circumscribed around a huge imaginary sphere with a diameter of 44 m. Thus, Pantheon’s perfect propositions are easy to notice, and its spacious interior with elegant details catches the eye.

But watch out! Be careful not to slip on the wet marble floor if it is rainy outside. The circle aperture in the Pantheon’s dome is actually a hole. Having no protection membrane it really lets in the sunshine of the sweet Mediterranean weather, and drops of water as well as any other meteorological condition from the outside. But no worries. Remember! Nothing can ever happen to this eternal work of art.

Maria Novozhilova


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