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Phones & Cell Phones


– Most likely you can use your current cell phone in Italy.  Please ask your carrier for rates and details. Usually, phone calls with a US phone cost around $1 per minute, and messages 25 to 50 cents each. Otherwise, cellular phones can be rented for the duration of your trip.

– To call Italy from abroad dial your country’s international access code + 39.

– All phone calls in Italy require dialing the proper area code even when you are calling from the same area code. Telephone numbers in Italy do not always have the same number of digits.

– Public telephones in Italy can be used with a phone card (carta telefonica) which can be purchased at newsstands or tobacco shops. These phones will be removed in the near future.

– For phone directory assistance: dial 12 from any phone

– Main area codes: Milan 02 / Venice 041 / Florence 055 / Rome 06 / Naples 081

– Cellular phone numbers area codes do not have a 0 in front (do not dial 0 when calling a cellular phone)

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