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Rivalta Castle – 1000 Years Old


Rivalta Castle – 1000 Years Old

If you are on a hunt for something very Italian and really ancient, this magic place is for you. Located only one hour far from Milan, Castello di Rivalta dates back to 1025 and features breathtaking architecture. You feel like you are in a fantastic fairy tale. Exploring the Castle, tasting traditional recipes and even staying in a century old suite, might become a very special and only-in-Italy unforgettable adventure.

Simply the fact that the main tower of the Castle was built by Antonio Solari, who is also famous for his design of the Moscow Kremlin, proves that this place have a glorious past to share. Rivalta’s 25 m long hall of honor and the elegant columned courtyard are not to miss. It’s Solari’s work that transformed in XV century the original defensive complex into a spectacular residence for the Landi Family.

And to make things even more intriguing, it is whispered that a ghost lives in the Castle. The chef Giuseppe, who was killed by the house butler because of his love affair with the man’s wife, still manifests himself within the Castle walls. Even London’s Scotland Yard, that came to investigate on a strange events occurred during the stay of a British noble lady, thinks so… Why not go there for the next Halloween ghost hunting night? 


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