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Sacred Mount of Varese: a Cool Escape From the Heat of Milan


Summer is visiting Milan and temperatures are as hot as the fashion. If you are in Milan and are looking for a cool place to relax after seeing the Duomo and shopping in via Montenapoleone, here is a good idea for you. Without going too far from the city, you can find a spectacular and cool (especially in terms of temperature but not only…) must see.

Traveling towards the town of Varese, already famous with its internationally acknowledged museum of contemporary art Villa Panza, absolutely a must see, you can visit the spectacular Varese Sacred Mount. Part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, it will surprise you with its history, breathtaking panoramic views, Alpine landscapes and the variety things to do and, last but not least, cool and refreshing climate.

Located 807 mt above the sea level, Sacromonte di Varese along with a dewy atmosphere, features the Holy Road with its 14 chapels and the Sanctuary, as well as a small medieval village. This journey will leave you speechless, reaffirming that Italian Art, Nature and Architecture are unrivaled anywhere in the world. If you are ready to walk (or drive) further up you can reach the Astronomic Observatory Campo Dei Fiori (1200 mt above the sea level) and spot incredible views of the Northern Italian lakes near mountain Switzerland.

Best of all, these treasures are only a short 40 minutes from Milan.  

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM