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She Seduced Me: A Love Affair With Rome

She Seduced Me: A Love Affair With Rome
“What is it about Rome that seduces the heart, fascinates the mind, and envelops the senses?” An enduring question posed by Mark Tedesco in his new book She Seduced Me: A Love Affair With Rome. Tedesco draws on his own personal experiences having lived years in the eternal city to weave a story that both enlightens the reader on some of Rome’s vast history as well as providing the unique viewpoint of an American learning the ways and way-nots of living in such an epic locale. 

Lovers of Rome are often struck by the rich history of seemingly every building, street, and neighborhood. Stories abound with the city. Tedesco writes “There is barely a building, a monument, or a crevice that does not have an anecdote attached to it, and the story is what gives meaning.” This observation rings true even for first-time visitors to the city. The stories Romans tell about themselves and their city give richness to one’s appreciation. From a street made of stones to the grandest cathedral to the placement of fountains, everything in Rome seems to have an interesting story attached to explain and enhance it. Tedesco is astute to understand this when he writes, “Did it really happen? Does it matter? It is the story that is important.”

This story of Rome’s seduction includes wonderful sections on some of Rome’s incredible features that don’t normally make it into guide books or travel blogs. One such chapter features an in-depth exploration of Rome’s street performers which could range from dance, art demonstrations, musicians, you never know what you might see but to hear beautiful music while walking amongst the architecture of sublime beauty creates a setting for the soul to soar. Tedesco takes this opportunity to interview a number of Rome’s street performers, offering a glimpse simply unavailable to most. 

A terrific chapter titled simply “Americans” is a helpful and funny look at some of the foibles of the American traveler written from the viewpoint of an American who is trying to blend in. I know I’ll pack my suitcase differently for my next visit. 

The reader will want to take notes from the chapter on eating. Also, I wouldn’t read the chapter on an empty stomach. Tedesco’s food adventures and tips for dining in Rome will leave you ready to get the most out of your culinary experience while visiting. 

One of my favorite chapters was titled “Getting Lost” and it details a wonderful wandering through the city showing what can be discovered by simply allowing yourself to, well, get lost. Random exploration can be enriching and Tedesco makes the most of his opportunity while letting us tag along. 

Rome is a city eternal with everywhere you look offering sights, sounds, smells, tastes,

and tales that tantalize and mesmerize. In She Seduced Me: A Love Affair With Rome, author Mark Tedesco offers a unique, entertaining, and pleasurable to read perspective on the past and present of the eternal city. Definitely worth a look.

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