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Silent Paradise: Limone sul Garda


Silent paradise: Limone sul Garda

Silent, relaxing and surrounded by steep rocky cliffs from one side and waters of Italy’s largest lake from the other, Limone sul Garda is an unbelievable escape from busy cities, traffic and crowds. Not to mention the pure mountain air, crystal clear lake, spectacular views and picturesque promenades.  

Colorful and vibrant flowers hanging down from balconies, traditional Italian houses and narrow streets, cute shops, harbor with its boats and refreshing breeze, a lot of ice cream and, of course, lemon groves complete the list why visiting Limone sul Garda this summer.

Summer is indeed the best moment to visit this sweet village populated by only 1,174 people. Besides traditional Italian attractions it offers a wide range of water sports including windsurfing. However, even simply relaxing on the beach while spotting incredible (if not unbelievable) landscapes is a great idea too.

Relaxing as you have never done it before.

With no cars and no rumors. Listening only to birds twitting and waves caressing the shore. And nothing else.

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM