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Sore High Up In The Sky: Birdly Flight Simulator In 5VIE


Sore high up in the sky: Birdly flight simulator in 5VIE.

It’s enough to flap your wings to see Milan from the top. If you can escape the huge cage suspended above the city, of course. At Palazzo Litta in the heart of 5VIE design district on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019 you can find “Simulazione Milanese” by Birdly, a technologic bird flight simulator. Lay on it and fly! Emerge in a 3D reality, enjoy your flight while your body is bending and twisting, and the wind is blowing in your face.

Swiss-designed “Simulazione Milanese” is a modern interpretation of Plato’s cave allegory, in which the cave is replaced by a giant birdcage hanging over Milan. Instead being a caveman who sees the light outside his cave, one turns here into a bird in a cage that for the first time escapes the familiar space.

What are the feelings right in the moment when you finally escape the cage and soar high up in the sky? 

Break free, fly high, but don’t watch out not to smash against a wall!

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM