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Street Art in Florence


Street art in Florence

In these past years, the notion of a street has shifted far from an idea of something outside and extraneous, gaining the fame of a great urban space full of things to do and cozy just like home. Who among us still has not tried a street food that tastes better than your mom’s? Or has never ended up in the middle of a street, happening with music and dancing? However, while many streets can offer some good food for your stomach and colorful events that can please the eye, only in Florence they can also feed the soul. 

Antique street art is everywhere in this city made of tiny streets, ancient bridges and glorious squares. Magnificent statues, royal lions frozen in marble, gypsum busts philosophically looking at the world, and of course Him. Among the whole street-art collection of Florence, the 5-meters high David by Michelangelo is perhaps the main art-landmark you should not miss. 

Initially placed in the square next to Palazzo Vecchio, the original standing male nude representing the Biblical hero David was unveiled to public more than five centuries ago, on the 8th September of 1504.

Not everybody knows that the statue that rises up in front of the Florence town hall today is a replica appeared on the place of the original work in 1910. Some decades earlier, in 1873, the Michelangelo’s masterpiece was removed from the piazza in order to protect it from damage.

Although the original nude is displayed today in the Florence Accademia Gallery, together with dozens of other works of art, the fine David’s copy is a must if you are in Florence. 

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM