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The Best of Venice Biennale 2016


The Best of Venice Biennale 2016

If you still haven’t visit the 15th Venice Biennale, you are running out of time. Only few days are left before the world’s most important 6 month long architectural exhibition will be ended. Open since May, 28, it has been a great venue to see and get inspired. Missed it? No worries! Check our gallery below and step into the most exciting installations of the Venice Architectural Biennale 2016.

A few highlights: real swimming pool at the Australian pavilion, open air labyrinth by the Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen, magic cloud made in Switzerland, a hole dug by the curators of the Uruguay pavilion, installation showing actual cost per square meter of architecture and proving that money does not decide everything, and many other interesting things to discover. Perhaps too many. Can one ever find enough time for all of them? 

And yet the world is already preparing for the next edition. The 57th Art Biennale curated by Christine Macel will take place from May 13 until November 26, 2017. Have you already got your ticket? 

Maria Novozhilova


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