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Traveling in time: Perugia’s Piazza IV Novembre


Some places seem too amazing to be real. Perugia’s Piazza IV Novembre is one of such sites. When you step on its ancient ground you will hardly believe that you are still in the 21st century. Full immersion into the antique atmosphere of the square made of marble details, white-and-pink color palette, and sophisticated ornaments typical of the Italian Medieval art will leave you breathless.

There is indeed no key that you are still in the present, as everything on the square appears as a fairy tale scenery having no clues of the contemporary. Gothic Fontana Maggiore built between 1275 and 1278, and embellished with 50 reliefs and 24 statues, is located at the center of the square. Cattedrale di San Lorenzo dating back to the XIV century serves as the spectacular piazza’s backdrop featuring elegant geometric pink and white marble patterns. Palazzo dei Porri  (1293-1443) completes the architectural ensemble of the square with its irregular façade, spectacular variety of window designs and Portale Maggiore, a gate rich in sculptural decorations.

You’ll be glad you have a camera with you. After all, if you are in Perugia you just must capture and share with the world this gem of Italy.


Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM