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Vertical Forest in Milan

“Vertical Forest” residence: a new ecosystem in the heart of Milan

Since two millenniums Italian architecture keeps amaze the entire world. The architectural capitals have been always moving from one place to another. Yet, Italian cities were always on the list. We all know such masterpieces as Roman Coliseum (80 AD), Venetian Piazza San Marco (1100), Leaning Tower of Pisa (1372) and Florence Cathedral (1436). Indeed, Italy is probably the only country that has been able to preserve since the beginning of time the title of the architectural heart of the globe and to stay up to date.
The new century is not an exception.

Today it is Milan to amaze local and international audience with its new masterworks. This city, selected for EXPO 2015 and already famous with its white marble Cathedral (1418), has enriched its architectural vocabulary with a new landmark. “Bosco Verticale” (or “Vertical Forest”) is an ensemble of two high rises designed by Stefano Boeri. Both are 112-merters high. Quite a record for a residential building in Italy.

But what is the most exceptional about the project is the fact that both towers are completely covered by trees! To build “Vertical Forest” beyond concrete also 800 trees up to 9 meters high, 5.000 bushes and 11.000 of small plants were employed. In practical terms each family living in the new residence will have a private forest. In total 113 of such green terraces will be available, and each 3,5 meters wide.

“Bosco Verticale” was officially opened just this month. Yet, it has already won the affection of people all over the planet. Just to make an example, during October more than 1.000 posts discussing the project were published on social networks. Interestingly about 70% of them were posted outside of Italy.
What is more, “Bosco Verticale” was shortlisted in the International Highrise Award (IHA). Now it is among the top-5 finalists. The winning design will officially become “World’s Best Highrise”.

This is a great result considering that “Bosco Verticale” is only one of the many buildings growing in the city these days. Upcoming EXPO 2015 provoked in fact a kind of architectural revolution in town, and new modern and tall constructions have embellished the usually quite conservative Milan. Another good reason to visit the city the next year and to discover its refreshed skyline.

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