Allan Beck & Julie Collins


Roberta…… girl,

you ‘blew me away’ on the quality of business partners you and your company have created in Italy! Specifically these folks I would like to personally recognize for their caring way they watched out for my lovely wife & I…

Florence: Patricia was our fabulous tour guide on the Academia Tour…. she often would wait for Julie & I to catch up with the group.  Julie fell once, but it was the uneven cobblestone streets & crowded sidewalks…. her cane got stuck in a crack and down she went.  Patricia is a ‘keeper’!

Andre was our wine tour guide….. he too was very caring and thoughtful for our situation…. our hotel wasn’t too far from where we had to be dropped off…. He had the driver drop us off at our hotel because they had time before their next tour! Great customer service!! 

Rome: Sara was the Vatican tour guide….. since Julie needed a wheelchair for that tour, we had to do a separate tour later in the day.  Then Sara told us she got our tickets honored for a private tour which we didn’t have to wait for at all…. The uncrowded tour was very pleasant versus having to battle lines and continuous congestion of people….. It was perfect!!!  

Bottom line…… Sara, Andre & Patricia are exceptional customer service professionals!!!! 

Thank you for making our trip such a truly special time in our life!!


Allan Beck & Julie Collins- Beck