Allison & Chris

July 2015

Hi Roberta,

Like Chris said, we had a fantastic trip! It was truly everything we hoped for when we decided on Italy for this trip!

I want to reiterate what Chris said about both of our private guides. Yaris, our wine tasting tour guide, was incredibly knowledgeable and he chose ideal places for us to visit. The vineyard where we had lunch was one of the most memorable experiences that we have had and it suited our tastes perfectly. We also would highly recommend Lilli for other couples like us who want to really talk about the history and learn about the site in a deeper way. The one thing I want to add is to reiterate how great of a choice our hotel in Sorrento was and how much we loved our room (401). That setting and location was such an ideal way to end the trip!

Thank you for putting together a trip that we will be talking about and thinking about for years to come!

Allison Burton & Chris Chase