Andrew, Bridgett, Mackenzie, Tom, Celeste

JUNE 2019

Hello Pia,

Gradually adjusting to reality again.  Our trip was amazing, even better than expected.  You did a wonderful job checking off every box that Andrew gave you.
In hindsight, I think we picked three perfect places to visit, each was very different than the others. That was not intentional on our part, but maybe it was on your part. Everyone has been asking me which location was my favorite, but because each location was so different, I can’t really rank them.

The excursion into the Tuscan countryside was probably the best day we had overall, lovely people at the Charming Country Home (Gabriella and her husband), and I would highly recommend that to other travelers. The wine tasting afterwards was very brief and could have been better.
All of the hotels were excellent, but Positano was probably our favorite (Baca di Bucco?) because of the view, people were extremely friendly and accommodating, very good breakfast options, and the restaurant was surprising good, maybe one of the best meals of the entire trip.
Travel days are no fun, but the train was an excellent option, except for the strike of course, but you did a great job working around that. Knowing that you were on top of things really gave us a feeling of confidence that issues would be worked out.

I have passed your info to friends and colleagues and hopefully you will hear from them in the near future.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. 


Andrew, Bridgett, Mackenzie, Tom, Celeste