Angela and Kenny Brinker

MAY 2019

Rita and Liliana.
Hi Ladies! I reviewed you guys on Trust Pilot but let me know if I need to copy it anywhere else. I wanted to send you an email with our sincere thanks.  It was scary handing over the planning and a lot of money to a company we had never dealt with but you two made this whole experience effortless.  I wanted to break down city by city as I thought it may help you to know what really impressed us and the very few things that didn’t and to also express our sincere thanks to some of the people you partner with.

Venice:  The transportation company in Venice was out of this world. The hotel was very nice as well, breakfast was great and the rooms were beautiful. 

Florence:  Florence was my personal favorite city. Just amazing art and a wonderful city. I will definitely be back there!  The hotel was in a great location and everything was easily walkable. The wineries we visited were wonderful and we saw beautiful scenery along the way.  The company running the tour and our guide was great. 

Rome:  The thing that stands out about Rome besides the wonderful museums and ruins we saw were our guides!  Luca was our guide at the Vatican and at the Ruins the next day.  We cannot say enough good things about him.  He was gifted in what he does and had a way of reading his group to know just how much we needed to hear, the pace we needed to be at, etc. 

A few other notes, the Italo train was great and we would highly recommend that for travelers.  Your itinerary was also very impressive and super helpful with the pictures of meeting places and phone numbers for everyone. It brought a lot of comfort to us having that and every meet up was exactly where you said it would be. 

I cannot express our gratitude for all of your planning and hard work for our trip. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you but we were both sick after we got back (better after than during the trip) and we have been playing catch up. We felt like you treated us as VIPs from day one to the end and I will recommend you to any and everyone I hear speak of Italy.  I haven’t been this impressed with a company in a very long time. 


With our sincere thanks!

Angela and Kenny Brinker