Anh Fergis

JULY 2019

Hello Manuela,

It’s good to be back!  Took us all two days to recuperate, but it was well worth it! The last seven days in Italy, with the help of Manuela, was what I had expected…Top Notch! In the beginning, the itinerary went smoothly given there were seven of us with kids! However, on the day of traveling from Venice to Como, we felt that we missed a lot of history and information while in Verona and Sirmione. Our driver did a fantastic job of transporting us but could not speak English. We really had a tough time communicating. HOWEVER, Manuela managed to make up for it by getting us a guide for Como. The results…HAPPY and SATISFIED of the prompt service. Manuela remedied the situation promptly and we all were so appreciative. It really made up for the day that was lost.

We are thinking of coming back for another round and I believe my husband would love to use your service again!  I totally concur!

Thank you for an absolute amazing service,


Anh Fergis