Anthea Mazzawi

Hi Alessia,

So we have been home now for over a month, and I have been working on getting all my great photos into a book!  As I go thru the pictures, I am reminded of what an amazing trip we had!  Everything you organized was fantastic and I am so thankful to have had you as a resource and travel agent!

Below are just a few comments regarding the trip:

LOVED Positano.  Our hotel was very nice with a great room/view.  There were ALOT of stairs to get up to the hotel, which was fine for us, but I may not recommend it for older travelers. All the transfers organized by the transfer group along the Amalfi Coast were very nice…  the drivers were all punctional and professional.

The first hotel we were supposed to stay at in Sorrento, I think it was called Grand Paradiso, was a nice hotel, but not very conveniently located to the city of Sorrento.  There is a nice view, but it is not within walking distance to all the action.  Since there the hotel was overbooked and they moved us to the Michealangelo (I think that is the name).  While I was a bit disturbed by the move, it all worked out great!  We loved the new hotel which was located in the center of Sorrento. The boat trip to Capri was fantastic!  I would definitely recommend this! The tours & hotel in Rome were all very nice! We loved the tour guide in Florence…. and the hotel we stayed at! The car you reserved us was very nice!  But as a side note, we did have a little bit of a problem cause Miles did not have an INternational Driver’s LIcense..  which I guess is something we can obtain from the department of motor vehicles here in the US…  Hertz ended up letting us have the car, but it was after alot of consideration.  So this may be something to recommend to your clients who are renting a car.And then Tuscany, which was our FAVORITE stop!  La Torre di Ponzano was so amazing and the owners were very nice/helpful people!  I believe that going to Tuscany after visiting the busy cities was the perfect way to plan the trip!  And the tour of the wine caves in Montepluciano was fantastic…  we really enjoyed our guide, Katia Fe…  It was really exceptional!So all in all, we LOVED Italy and we will definitely be going back… and definitely using your services again!  Our trip was smooth, easy, fun and relaxing!  Thank you so much for all your hard work and the excellent service you provided!