B. H.

JUNE 2019


We could not have had a better trip. All of the pick ups and transfers went perfectly. The hotels were exactly what we like but the highlights were the activities that you planned for us and the people who guided us.

The bike ride on the Appian way was a blast and a real adventure. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the woman’s name who gave us the tour but she was so enthusiastic about what she was showing us that her passion for the history of Rome was contagious.

One of the best people we had the pleasure of meeting and working with was Renato Cuomo. He was a joy and took us places and gave us advice that enhanced our trip beyond what we could have ever expected. We looked forward to seeing him everyday. We loved the car trip to Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello and the hike on the Path of the Gods. His recommendations for restaurants were perfect. We also loved the stop at the winery on the way to the Napoli train station. We miss Renato already. His warmth, care, knowledge, and humor were perfect.

Our highlight was probably our private boat trip to Capri. Sebastiano and his mate made us feel special. They were so friendly and great tour guides. The boat was beautiful, Capri is beautiful and we loved the restaurant at the beach club.

I can’t thank you enough for planning such a wonderful trip for us and making our anniversary so special. I’m not sure when, but I know we will get back to Italy and when we do we would love to wok with you again.

Thank you!

B. H.