Bridget Simone


I found Cultural Italy on Facebook last year. I was looking to take my husband to Italy for his 50th birthday, so i reached out to Cultural Italy through e-mail.  Emanuela Brittingham responded promptly to my e-mail; and we began to plan what would turn out to be an Amazing Vacation! I told Emanuela what areas of Italy we wished to visit and told her of the certain tours we were looking to book.  Emanuela ran with the information I gave her and got to work! It was not that long before I received an e-mail from Emanuela with my itinerary. Of course she gave us her recommendations along the way…which I welcomed being my husband and I had never been to Italy before.  Before long I was giving her my deposit and booking my trip!

We returned home on October 19th, and I can say that our trip went off without a hiccup! Every hotel was beautiful, every tour was enjoyable and everyone who served us was incredible.  The private transfers were great, especially Enzo, who took us around our families towns.  Emanuela went above and beyond when she worked diligently with the town hall of Teano, to find out if I had family still living there…and I did!  Emanuela, along with the town hall arranged for my sister and I to meet our cousins; this was the highlight of the trip! 

Since I’ve been home, I had recommended Cultural Italy and Emanuelas service to numerous clients of mine who are looking to take this amazing vacation!  And as soon as I am ready to visit Italy again, I will for sure be contacting Emanuela again!!!! 

A HUGE Thank You again to Emanuela & Cultural Italy…the BEST!!! 

Bridget Simone