Cassandra Zamorales

Hi Manuela:

Thanks for reaching out for feedback. We had a lovely trip and are truly grateful to you for all of your help putting it together for us, especially for the assistance you provided while we were on the trip! The Rome Segway night tour that you set up for us really was one of the highlights of our trip, and I would highly recommend it to other travelers.

Although we have traveled quite a bit in the past, it was our first experience with the headset-based group walking tours. It’s extremely touristy, of course, but I suppose it has to be done especially in historical places like those in Italy where there is so much to see. One recommendation I would definitely give to others is to take a pair of comfortable headphones/earbuds because those that are provided by the tour companies are very low quality and can be quite painful (I especially experienced this with our first walking tour in Venice).

Our experiences with the hotels were all good, but our favorite was definitely the Hotel Centrale in Florence. They have an excellent breakfast with made-to-order coffees, omelets, crepes, etc., and we really enjoyed that. The location was excellent as well.

I hope this is the feedback you were looking for. If there is anything else I can add, please let me know. I will be recommending your company to a couple of other couples who are looking into traveling to Italy next year.

Thanks again!

Cassandra Zamorales