Cheryl Conley


Hi Emanuela


I’m still a bit jet lagged from the long flight back but had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing Italy and bringing back some memories! I agree with Kathy on everything that she mentioned. Venice was probably my favorite location with the Murano/Burano tour being the favorite excursion. So stress free to be in a city with no cars, bicycles or skateboards. Felt like I really unplugged and relaxed. Agree with Kathy that the walking tour was probably my least favorite as we had figured out how to get around. 

Each location offered different sights so really hard to pinpoint favorites! In Florence, my favorite was the Tuscany day trip, Such beautiful country! Enjoyed the day trip to Pisa and so glad we were able to do the steps in the tower.  

The cinque terra was my 2nd favorite location. Another quiet, laid back location and the hotel was by far my favorite. So comfortable with a wonderful and broad selection for breakfast. Staff there was very friendly and accommodating.  

Rome was crazy! Kathy and I did have quite a hair curling taxi ride the first night, but seemed like that may be the norm for driving in the city. St. Peter’s cathedral was my favorite as well as seeing St. Peter’s square. 

I would recommend you to anyone I know wanting to visit Italy. It took a lot of the pressure off for finding hotels, obtaining tickets and getting around. We always knew who was going to meet us and where we needed to be and how to get to our excursions meeting location. This made, in my opinion, the trip more relaxing and stress fee.

Thanks so much for everything! You were very instrumental in the enjoyment of our trip.