Christopher Tutunjian


Hi Luana,

Thanks for checking in! The trip was absolutely fantastic. Everything went extremely well, and I don’t think I would have wanted anything to be different. I got to see all the sites I wanted to see in each city, and you did a fantastic job of finding other activities and tours for us that I would not have thought of, like the food tour in Rome. The Roman food tour was one of my favorite tours. It was a great way to learn about food in Italy and taste a wide variety of items. 

I really enjoyed how the trip alternated between cities and countryside. Going from cities like Rome and Florence to more quiet areas like Sorrento and Radda gave us a chance to relax in the middle of our trip and switch back and forth between visiting cities where we were busy with visiting sights and between visiting smaller towns where we weren’t quite as busy and could really enjoy the natural beauty and local culture.

All the tours were very well done. Our tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and did a great job on each tour.

Transportation from city to city went smoothly. Only on one occasion did we have a little trouble. I think the transportation company taking us from Sorrento to the Naples train station had forgotten about us. They sent someone to pick us up when we called them, and while we did make it in time, we had to run to make it onto our train.

I appreciated your help in making reservations for us when we got to different cities. I particularly enjoyed our visit to Dario Cecchini’s restaurant. That dinner was quite the experience and one of the highlights of my trip!

Thank you again for all your help, and please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to hear about from me!