Claire & Landon Southerly

Our trip was amazing – we can’t possibly thank Roberta enough! Each city was enjoyable, enriching and special! Every transfer and detail was seamless, creating for the most memorable trip of our lives! We appreciate all of the hard work Roberta put in ahead of time and we are grateful for her responsive emails and quickness in addressing any of our questions or concerns. The only speedbump may have been that some of the outings were not described in detail on the vouchers or itinerary.  So, some days we weren’t exactly sure how much free time we would have.  Also, the Capri boat tour had a swimming option which we didn’t know about, so we arrived unprepared for water time.  None of these missing details affected our trip though and it was such a small thing, it only could have moved our trip from exceptional to exceptional +1.  It didn’t take away from our trip at all.Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Many service providers recognized the Cultural Italy name so we knew we were in good hands from the very start.

We won’t hesitate to suggest your company to others in the future.

Thank you,

Claire and Landon Southerly